Craft Tales

Hand Block Prints:

Patience is the biggest skill required to practice the most rewarding and enthralling textile art of hand block printing as just a few meters of fabric is printed more than thousand times by multiple craftsmen for the beautiful print stories to commence. This centuries old art form utilizes a hand carved wood block which is chipped and chiseled into an intricately patterned stamp and then, it is used to stamp dyes onto the fabric in mesmerizing patterns. The beauty of the hand block printed fabric is not just in its enchanting patterns but in the fact that, no two hand block printed fabric could be exactly the same as the process does not utilizes any technology other than the human labor and skills. FP supports all the craftsmen by providing them ample employment opportunities in their mastered skill of hand block printing.  


Embroidery is stunning but, laborious art of embellishing fabric with beautiful patterns or motifs using a needle to apply thread. Depending on the region of origin along with fabric and threads used, the embroidery can be classified into various styles each producing a unique design. As the time changed and the machines came into being, the art of hand embroidery slowly give way to mechanized embroidery but, the charm of hand embroidery is simply implausible and hence, it still co-exist with the mechanized embroidery. Passed down from one generation to another and often practiced by the women artisans, the age-old art of hand embroidery needs years to master the skills. At Fashion People, we understand the importance of preserving textile arts, women empowerment and creating employment opportunities. Hence, with the use of embroidered fabric in our collection, we do all the aforesaid three things simultaneously.


An ancient textile art of dyeing fabric, tie-dye process typically involves folding, twisting, pleating or crumpling of fabric before the application of dyes. A form of resist dyeing, tie-dye gives rise to alluring prints and patterns. The more sophisticated tie-dye requires additional steps and multiple sequential dyes and resist steps and another process to get things done. The whole process of tie-dye is a tiresome job but, the results are stunning to look at. Fashion People supports all the craftsman practicing tie-dye by providing them good employment opportunities to them.

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