Why FP ?

New styles added every week for your Store!

Fashion People offer affordable and contemporary clothing for your boutiques and stores but above all, FP try to add new styles, trends and designs in the collection every week in the form of new products so that, your boutique stays ahead of the fashion curve always. With new styles coming in every week, you can plan to upgrade your boutique every month.

Premium natural fabric

FP doesn’t compromise on quality and assures that you receive the best products for your store. Hence, premium natural fabrics like Cotton, Linen, Rayon, Silk and more are used for the products. Unlike the synthetic fabrics, the natural fabrics provide superior comfort and fit that is loved by all.

Collection of various textile arts

There is something really mesmerizing and enchanting about hand-made and centuries-old textile arts that can leave anyone spell bounded. With FP collection, you would find authentic hand block prints, hand embroidery, tie-dye and traces of various other textile arts. Instead of dealing with big manufacturing units, we deal with local artisans and craftsman to make their livelihoods better and you can be a support too.

Small supply chain for large benefits

FP brings the premium quality women clothing directly from the manufacturer for your store. By reducing the supply chain cycle, we ensure that you get the best markups, maximum benefits and profits for yourself and your customer. 

No Big minimum limits (MOQ)

We have a very simplified process for the retailers and boutique owners to buy from WholesaleFP.com as we don’t fuss over petty issues like large quantities or bulk order. Yes, we are no kidding. Once you are an approved buyer with FP, you have the liberty to pick one piece to three pieces only as MOQ.

Private label

It is really hard to find manufacturers offering private label facility to boutique owners and if they do, they do it only on bulk orders.  However in case of shopping with WholesaleFP, you really don’t have to worry about bulk quantity to get private label done as we do it on very small orders too.

Drop Shipping available

If you run your business online or simply want to save some extra bucks, time and space for your store, we can drop ship the product to your customers from our end. For this, you need to provide us with shipping address only and the product would be delivered to your customer. And yes, we do not charge additional to do this.

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